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07. juni 2017

A new generation of IVC rat cages

It is a legal requirement that AEM implements larger rat cages.

These new cages will be introduced during the month of August, but there will of course be a transition period, to finish on-going studies without changing cage type.

These cages will be available in units 10.3, 16.2, 16.4 and the Biocenter.

  • 1800 cm2 allows breeding trios or groups op 3-4 big rats.

  • 26,3 cm to roof top allows even big rats bipedal posture (standing and stretching). Besides, being a demand from the legal authorities, it brings joyful play and better welfare to the animals.

  • An optional cage divider creates two 900 cm2 compartments with equal technical and housing features as in the large cage.