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21. august 2015

Procedure rooms for experimental work on animals

Dear user of procedure room,

The University of Copenhagen’s animal facilities, managed by the Department of Experimental Medicine (AEM) are up for inspection by the accreditation organisation AAALAC. The AAALAC inspection will take place October/November 2015.

All animal units will be inspected, including procedure rooms for experimental work on animals. As researchers habitually store items at the units we would like to stress the importance of the following rules:

  • All medicines and other items should be marked with the required information –labels are available at the units (see SOP about storage and disposal (PDF), for details).
  • No medicine or utensils may be stored beyond their expiry date!
  • Please make sure you keep your cupboards tidy and help us keep the procedure rooms orderly.

Internal rounds will be carried out from mid-September. We kindly ask you to make sure that all your materials are properly labelled and that no medicines or utensils have passed their expiry date.

If you have medicine or other items, which are beyond their expiry date you can contact one of the Department’s clinical veterinarians, who will evaluate if the expiry date can be extended.

From September 15th all medicine, which is not correctly labelled/has an authorised expiry date, will be disposed of.

A checklist for AAALAC specific issues is available.

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, the Faculty of Science, Region Hovedstaden and BRIC have endorsed the AAALAC accreditation. If recommendations are not followed it may result in the University of Copenhagen animal facilities losing its accreditation.

Thank you for your cooperation.