Core Facility for Preclinical Services

Core Facility for Preclinical ServicesThe Department of Experimental Medicine (AEM) is uniquely placed to meet the emerging demands for higher quality preclinical research.

With a research unit linked to the animal facilities, and with considerable experience in developing and refining in vivo research, we can offer high-quality reliable preclinical testing of potential drug candidates and drug delivery systems.

At present, exploratory pharmacokinetic studies are being conducted for researchers from both inside and outside the university, and we are constantly looking to expand our capability to close the translational gap between the discovery of a potential therapy and its clinical testing.


Taking an idea for a drug candidate/formulation or medical device from an in vitro setting – the world of test tubes and cultured cells – to an in vivo setting – the world of living organisms – may offer many hurdles. No man is an island, and no one investigator can possess the skills needed to take a therapy from the inception of its idea, to a pill sold in pharmacies.

When it is time to test an idea in vivo, many investigators find themselves facing new challenges. Designing a robust study, applying for ethical approval, choosing the right animal model– these questions, and many others, may seem an insurmountable obstacle. At AEM we offer to assist in the design and conduct of studies, both big and small. 

We carry out in vivo experiments for investigators at the UCPH as well as for external clients.

Preclinical services

Stringent preclinical testing is the next step for turning an idea into an actual therapy in man. It is possible to carry out these larger scale studies at AEM. At present, we do not offer preclinical testing in a GLP-accredited laboratory, but should you require this, please contact us with your needs and we will see if we can meet them.


With world-class AAALAC-accredited facilities and expert staff, AEM is able to provide a range of possibilities for your studies. We have considerable experience with a number of species and animal models. We can also offer a number of transgenic strains.

We have a vast array of testing equipment and core facilities.  Our facilities and related core facilities offer access to:

CT/PET/SPECT imaging, NMR imaging, ect.

Fees and contact

From first contact, we expect to be able to have your study up and running in 4-6 months, depending on complexity. Read about how you get started with an experiment at AEM.

The needs of the study will dictate the costs. In addition, there is a project initiation fee of DKK 22,205 (DKK 10,240 for investigators at UCPH).

For questions or price estimates, please contact Assistant professor Otto Kalliokoski at