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Prices for animals and services are regularly updated according to the vendor's prices. Below are details of the pricing for the different services at AEM. However, you must contact AEM to get a specific price for your complete requirements for animals and services.

If animals are to be ordered from abroad, prices can normally be found on the relevant vendor's website. You can find an overview of the approved vendors at the page for ordering of animals. If you need help, the Department is always happy to assist finding information on prices or the vendors. Please contact if you have any questions.


All animals housed at the Department are charged at a fixed weekly rate. Included in this accommodation of price is general care (cleaning of cages, feeding and watering), and in some cases certain additional services.

Breeding cages in SPF units

The following basic technical support is included in the service charge:

  • Setup of breeding pairs, weaning of young animals, sorting of animals
  • Tail clipping, blood samples, earmarking related to breeding programmes
  • Transfer of animals from SPF to AEM's experimental units
  • Report for the researcher according to AEM's standard template (if an individually adjusted breeding report is requested, this will be charged according to the price list for standard services)

Other technical services provided in SPF units are invoiced as standard services or technical hours according to the price list.

Breeding cages outside SPF units

Technical breeding work is not included in the accommodation price but is charged according to the price list for standard services or as technical hours.

Experimental cages at 10-3, 16-4, 16-2 MB, AKB, RH and the Biocenter

The accommodation price is the same for all identical cages at the above listed experimental units.

  • A distinction is made between experimental cages and breeding cages (please see "Breeding cages outside SPF units").
  • Cages with equipment are charged at individually negotiated prices.

Accommodation at unit 16-2 and the isolation sections at unit 01

The price for accommodation at 16-2 is higher than at the other experimental units because this unit's health status requires special, time-consuming procedures by staff when handling animals. There is only one type of isolator accommodation (large, small, half isolators are not available).

Rates for operation services at AEM from 1 January, 2016

Service Description Comments Internal price per operating table External price per operating table
Basic anaesthesia Includes assistance for preparation, monitoring, anaesthesia and operation Assistance during operation is not included DKK 1,616 DKK 5,493
Non sterile operation Includes assistance for preparation, monitoring, anaesthesia and operation DKK 2,459 DKK 8,359
Sterile operation Includes assistance for preparation, monitoring, anaesthesia and sterile operation Sterile equipment is included DKK 2,537 DKK 8,626
Course in anaesthesia Includes assistance for preparation, monitoring, anaesthesia and disposable materials for course participants Disposable materials for course participants are included DKK 2,062 DKK 7,011
Operation incl. scanning Includes assistance for preparation, monitoring, anaesthesia, operation and scanning at Rigshospitalet Sterile equipment is included DKK 2,854 DKK 9,705

Please notice that all prices include use of operating table until 14:00. If an operation is not finished by 14:00 every subsequent commenced quarter will be invoiced according to AEM's current rates for technical hours. Operations after 14:00 can only be done in accordance with the staff in the respective unit. Use of materials and medicine in addition to the standard of the individual price packages will be invoiced separately.

Housing of large experimental animals

Housing of large animals and all related services are charged according to the current price list.

Payment of technical services

The individual units follow similar principles for estimation of technical services.

Standard services
  • Standard services can be found in the price list
  • Standard services are calculated as price per item
  • The pricing of standard services caries at the different units
Special services
  • Special services are charged as technical hours according to the price list
  • Special services are services not included in standard services

Please be aware that technical services carried out at weekends, on public holidays and outside of the Department's normal working hours (8:00-15:00) are invoiced according to current supplementary charges.

Payment of various consumables/services

Free consumables in AEM's procedure room In the future, a number of consumables are available without charge in AEM's procedure rooms. See list of these.
Anaesthesia and pain medication included in the price of the procedure Anaesthetics and pain treatment medication are included in the price of the related technical procedures. However, anaesthetics for sedation of pigs are invoiced based on consumption.
Price for euthanizing of animals Euthanizing of animals is done according to AEM's standard procedures and is included in the accommodation price. If animals need to be euthanized at specific times or in special ways, the service is invoiced separately.
Price for import and export of animals Expenses related to import to, and export of animals from, AEM are invoiced as vendor prices plus an administration fee of 10%. The expenses include price of animals, transport costs, trace certificate costs, transport cage, etc.
Delivery of medicine The Department strongly emphasizes the rules for when medicine can be delivered. Medicine can be delivered only to researchers who have research activities at AEM. The researcher must provide a requisition with the assigned project number to AEM's operation units.
Price for disinfection of rooms and equipment AEM offers disinfection of rooms and equipment with chlorine dioxide. The price for this is stated in the price list.
Price for special food and special feeding Special food can be ordered at the Department and will be invoiced according to the vendor's price plus a 10% administration fee. The price for special feeding is included in the list of standard services.

Overview of free articles in AEM's procedure rooms

  • Gloves
    Latex, size: S, M, L
    Nitrile, size: S, M, L
  • Syringes
    1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml
  • Needles
    18G, 23G, 25G. 27G
  • Eppendorf tubes
  • Flamingo trays
  • Needle buckets
  • Containers, bags and warning labels for chemical waste or other clinical risk waste
  • Soap
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Washing-up brush
  • Paper rolls
  • Ethanol
  • Jodopax
  • Oxygen
  • Alcohol