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Access to the Department's units

Please fill out the application below. It is important that all fields marked with * are filled in, so that we can give you the correct access permit.

Please read the "Instruction to researchers about the use of animals in research"  (PDF) about roles and responsibilities in the use of animals in research at AEM.

Please observe that in general, you can only obtain access to the units of the Department where you have animals. It is important that you make yourself familiar with the rules of access (adgangsregler) before applying for an access permit.

All information will of course be considered confidential.

(Required fields marked with * must be completed correctly, otherwise the request will not be processed.)

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02 Grisestal PANUM (Elevator building 16)
PANUM 01 (Haleprøver) PANUM - PUNKT 1
01 Zebrafisk PANUM - PUNKT 11
01 MGU PANUM - PUNKT 1 og 15
10-3 PANUM - PUNKT 4
16-2 PANUM - PUNKT 7
16-2 M/B PANUM (kræver nøgle) - PUNKT 7
16-3 PANUM - PUNKT 8
16-4 PANUM - PUNKT 9
Lab 10-2 PANUM - PUNKT 3
Lab 10-4 PANUM - PUNKT 5
Corefacilitet for molekylær billedddannelse (PET/Kun med tilladelse fra Andreas Kjær) PANUM - PUNKT 12 + ELEVATOR BYGN. 10
Tunnel fra Panum til RH - PUNKT TUNNEL

(If special conditions apply your access to your access to AEM, please state details here)

I have read and understood the Department's access rules

I have read the “Instruction to researchers about the use of animals in research”.

I accept that the University may register the above information. See privacy policy.

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