About the Department

The Department of Experimental Medicine (AEM) is responsible for the centralized Copenhagen Animal Care and Use Programme at the University of Copenhagen and the University Hospitals.

At AEM, we aim to provide the scientific community with the best possible foundation for excellent biomedical research. This is done through caring husbandry of laboratory animals and the provision of specialised facilities and services including veterinary assistance, teaching, and training.

The Department's services include:

  • Routine and specialised husbandry and breeding of all common laboratory animal species
  • Comprehensive veterinary care and expertise
  • Assistance with experimental procedures
  • Diagnostic pathology
  • Rodent health surveillance programme in accordance with FELASA guidelines
  • Access to specialized core facilities and advanced transgenic services
  • Access to advanced surgical facilities and specialised equipment and laboratories
  • Assistance with policies and forms
  • Import and export of research animals
  • Teaching programmes and courses for investigators, PhD students, undergraduate students, and technicians

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The Department is located at five different locations:

  • The Panum building
  • Copenhagen University Hospital (Rigshospitalet)
  • The Biocenter (BIO)
  • The August Krogh Building (AKB)
  • Frederiksberg Campus (FRB)

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