The Department offers a number of courses for PhD students, postgraduate students and technicians in Laboratory Animal Science. Below you will find a list of our courses, please click on them to read the full course description.

Basic level

Laboratory Animal Science - Function ABD

Forsøgsdyrskundskab - Funktion AD for teknikere

National Laboratory Animal Legislation - Denmark

Handling and experimenting on laboratory pigs


Advanced level

Advanced anaesthesia and analgesia in animal experimentation

Animal Biology and Behaviour (odd years)

Experimental design and statistics in in vivo experiments

Experimental Surgery l - Basic principles and procedures

Experimental Surgery ll - Advanced techniques and microsurgery

Phenotyping of Genetically Engineered Mouse Models (odd years)

LabVet Europe - for designated lab animal veterinarians


You can read about registration and price for the courses in the individual course description.

Please be aware that registration is binding and that there is a course fee for our courses.

Laboratory Animal Science for Master's students

AEM also offers courses in Laboratory Animal Science for Master's students at the Master's programme in Human biology and at the Master's programme in Molecular biomedicine among others. More information about these courses can be found in the University's course database.

Quality assurance

Some courses are quality accredited by FELASA (Federation of European Laboratory Animal Associations). This applies to the EU Function ABD course which is a requirement for researchers who wish to get an independent licence to perform animal experiments.

Course cooperation

Several of AEM's courses are held in close cooperation with the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (Former IVS) at Frederiksberg Campus. AEM also carry out courses in surgical technique in collaboration with the National Board of Health for doctors in specialist training in surgery. AEM also runs numerous courses in collaboration with the hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark and the industry.