22 March 2021


The construction work around BørneRiget is well underway.

AEM was notified just recently about the construction around the animal facility at Rigshospitalet. We have, of course, drawn attention to the fact that noise and vibration can affect animal welfare and experiments and have appealed to that the relevant information is provided in a timely manner.

It is possible to get on a mailing list from the project, by writing to chka@sund.ku.dk, and your e-mail address will forwarded to the project management team. In addition, we have been informed that the primary information channel is RH’s intranet.

The construction will continue until 2024. The work that will primarily affect in terms of noise and vibration is sheet piling and possibly heavy construction machinery. We have, therefor requested a time schedule, which indicates the periods during which this type of activity takes place.

Work is already underway, which may affect the animal unit, as a tunnel is being built between buildings 57 and 59 along parts of Bonkolab. This starts in calendar week 14. The project states that gentle methods are used.