27 July 2017

Discontinuation of acidified drinking water for animals from September 1, 2017

For many years, AEM has employed the practice of acidifying the drinking water for rodents.

The purpose of the acid addition is to lower the pH value, in order to control growth of microorganisms such as Pseudomonas bacteria.

However, we experience problems with growth of algae, which thrive on the citric acid. This has led us to suspend the addition of citric acid in the units where algae growth has been observed.

At present, AEM adds citric acid to the drinking water for rodents in unit SPF10.4, SPF10.2, 16.2, and the Biocenter.

In all other units the rodents receive tap water without additive.

This variation means that animals that move between units may experience a change in the nature of the drinking water, which we would like to avoid.

We therefore intend to suspend citric acid in all units in AEM. We have conducted a study in the Biocenter which shows no increase in microorganisms by omission of citric acid.

The date for the change will be September 1, 2017. Scientists who have ongoing experiments can ask for continued citric acid addition for animals in their experiment.

For more information, please contact Jann Hau.