4 April 2019

Emergency power system at the Biocenter

Researcher information at the Biocenter Site

The emergency power system at the Biocenter will be serviced Sunday April 7th from 06:00 till 10:00.

All equipment attached to emergency power will stop working at the above-mentioned time.

The lighting will NOT be affected, but there might be short periods (a couple of minutes) at 06:00 and again at 10:00 where the light will turn off during the disconnection and reconnection of the emergency power.

All equipment dependent on ventilation, i.e. LAF benches, operation tables etc., should NOT be used between 06:00 and 10:00.

Air handling units connected to IVC racks will also stop working at above mentioned period, but will restart when the power comes back. Animals are not affected as cages are equipped with filters.

If researchers’ have equipment that is connected to the emergency power this will also not work. Power sockets that are emergency power supported should be marked with red colour.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact either the animal technical staff at the Biocenter: emed-biocenter@sund.ku.dk or AEM management: Lars RD Jensen 93565446 or Niels Chr. Kampmann 30291266.

Contact information for the maintenance staff Science Campus Service: Tommy Glüsing 28754554 or Keld Lindgren 28750045.