23 December 2020

Important information related to Corona at the animal facility at the Biocenter

Staff have been sent home.

We regret to inform you that all AEM-staff at the Biocenter have been sent home, because an employee has been tested positive for COVID-19, and all technicians are considered close contacts by the Authorities.

Consequently, all technical assistance is hereby temporarily suspended at the animal facility at the Biocenter. Ordered tasks are also affected and will not be solved. This too involves technical work related to breeding, including plug tests, weaning, euthanasia etc.

Basic animal care daily tasks are, of course, carried out, including daily monitoring and allocation of food and water.

Research groups are welcome to perform necessary procedures themselves. Please continue to keep distance, wash hands/use hand sanitizer and remember to wear face mask at all times.

Depending on how the situation further develops, it may lead to other AEM-units being affected. 

We will send out further information if this occurs.

We apologize for any inconvenience this unfortunate situation may cause you.

If you have any questions, please contact: Jann Hau, jhau@sund.ku.dk.

The above is in effect until January 3rd 2021 or until further notice. Please stay informed through AEM’s homepage: https://emed.ku.dk/news/.