6 May 2020

Introducing the new diet for mice


As announced AEM will from Monday May 11th be introducing the new diet SAFE D30 to all rodents at the facility (except those animals on special diet).

This will be done by topping up the foodhoppers with the new diet, so the animals get a gradual introduction to the new diet. All diet of the previous brand stored locally will be discarded to avoid future mistakes. Within a couple of weeks the new diet will be completely implemented.

The composition of the diet is very similar to the current diet and in accordance with current standards. In terms of variation, the change from the existing diet to the new diet is similar to the variation present in the seasonal batch-to-batch variations in diet, as well as the change in diet when AEM receives laboratory animals from commercial breeders, other universities, and collaborators.

The information about the diet change has previously been announced in February 2020, in October 2019 and was discussed in the Advisory Board in the beginning of 2019.