6 May 2019

Relevance of Non-human Primate models in Biomedical Research


When and Where: May 31st from 13.00-17:00 at the Nielsine Nielsen Auditorium, the Mærsk Building. Address: University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences, Blegdamsvej 3B, DK-2200 Copenhagen N.


Sarah Jo Neal Webb and Steven J. Schapiro, University of Copenhagen and The University of Texas MDACC




Jann Hau University of Copenhagen

KU-Collaborations with International Primate Centers

Peter Sandøe University of Copenhagen

Use of Non-human Primates In biomedical research. What are the ethical concerns?

John P. Capitanio University of California

Individual Differences and Biomedical Research in Rhesus Macaques

Nancy G. Caine California State University

Marmosets in Biomedical Research: Relevance of and Lessons from Natural History

Kristine Coleman Oregon Health and Sciences Univ.

Positive Reinforcement Training and Biomedical Research

Michele Mulholland

Georgia State University

Rearing Specific Pathogen Free Baboons

Peter J. Holst

University of Copenhagen

Cynomolgus Monkeys in Vaccinology

Steven J. Schapiro

University of Texas MDACC

Behavioral Management Enhances Biomedical Research with Non-human Primates