15 March 2021

New Course - Handling and Procedures on Laboratory Pigs

We are pleased to announce that we are offering a new course

Handling and Procedures on Laboratory Pigs.

The course contains theory on comparative and basic biology; breeding and genetics; health issues and monitoring; anaesthesia and analgesia; surgery; and euthanasia of pigs, as well as a practical exercise with handling, anesthesia and minor procedures.

The course is offered as a PhD course via the Graduate School, but is also open for other postgraduates and academics who are interested. It is an add-on course to our general course in Laboratory Animal Science Function ABD, and these in combination will give participants the relevant qualifications needed to achieve a license to independently perform and design experiments on laboratory pigs.

You can read more about the course here: https://emed.ku.dk/courses/las-abd-pigs/.

Please contact Klas Abelson for further information.