6 November 2019

New nesting material for mice

Important information

To improve animal welfare we are changing the type of nesting materials used in mice cages

The daily management of the Animal Care and Use Programme has decided to switch to another type of nesting material for mice due to animal welfare problems with the nesting material used currently. The hemp mats that are in use now has in some cases been associated with animals getting tangled in the material. Furthermore, some young mice have not been able to tear the mats apart to allow nest building.

Based on analysis results and positive test feedback, the nesting material Carfil Nesting Cup has been chosen as our new nesting material.

The change of nesting material takes place on 11 November 2019.

After this date, use of the current nesting material will require a description in the project plan and will be associated with an extra cost. To update the project plan please contact AEM veterinarians EMED-Projektplaner@sund.ku.dk.

If you have any questions, please contact veterinarian Mette Perch Groth, via e-mail: mpg@sund.ku.dk.