15 May 2020

New way of ordering animals from approved vendors

Ordering animals

From now on when you want to order rodents from Charles River, Envigo, Janvier or Taconic you have to download and fill in a requisition, which you will find on our website.

The requisition is in an Excel sheet format and looks very much like the paper requisition, but without a requisition number. There is also information and e-mail addresses of the animal units where to you are ordering animals.

How to order animals from approved vendors?
  1. Download and fill in the requisition.
  2. E-mail the requisition to the animal unit, where you want your rodents housed.
  3. The animal unit will then process the requisition for the desired delivery date and confirm your request by sending you an e-mail reply with the requisition attached applied with a requisition number.
How to find the requisition

On AEM's website www.emed.ku.dk you can find the requisition in one of these ways:

  1. On the front page click on the grey bar: “Order Animals”, and download the requisition.
  2. On the front page click on small picture: "How to get started", click on the bold text: "Read about how you order animals for experiments" at the bottom of the page, and download the requisition.
  3. The direct link to the page where you can download the requisition: https://emed.ku.dk/how-to-get-started/ordering-of-animals/.
From Monday May 18th you will be able to use this electronic requisition. We of cours still accepts paper requisitions. 
Example of the requisition form.