19 June 2020

The renovation of the central sanitation facility begins


The sanitation facility in Panum level 01 under building 4 and 10 will be refurbished over the next two years.

  • The washing of the animal cages will be moved to level 01 under Building 33, starting from June 19, 2020.
  • The autoclaves will continue to be used in their current position.
  • The move of the washing unit entails an increase in the transport of containers to and from the washing unit and the autoclaves.
  • The containers with unclean cages will be parked in the black corridor in level 01 and problems with smells from the unclean cages can occur.
  • The noise will be limited as much as possible.
  • All affected researchers will be informed separately, but if you have concerns about your research please contact the facility manager related to the unit you use.
  • Please contact Lotte Vestergaard at CSS, if you have questions or concerns about the building project.