12 January 2021

The current Corona situation at AEM

Researchers are encouraged to follow certain guidelines

Our animal caretakers and other critical staff in AEM work very hard to provide the best possible care of all animals in the facility during the pandemic.

Their working conditions are obviously difficult and many are concerned about the risk of getting infected by COVID 19. Due to the latest restrictions and to protect AEM staff in the best way possible, we kindly ask all researchers to observe the following guidelines when entering the facilities:

  • A social distance of 2 m should be observed at all times.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory at all times.
  • Please consider the possibility of postponing all research activities that can be considered non-critical. We also ask you to keep your contact technician well informed if your activity level changes at any point. 
  • If possible, please plan your activities outside busy periods during the day (preferably very early morning or late afternoon) in order to reduce the number of people present at the same time at the facility. Monday and Tuesday are normally busy work days for the AEM staff, so planning research activities during other days of the week would also be greatly appreciated. 
  • Please keep the number of people from your research groups entering the animal facilities to a minimum.

All animal units are currently fully operational and fully staffed. Fortunately, we have only experienced few incidents of COVID 19 infection among our staff, and only one which resulted in a temporary lockdown at the Biocenter around Christmas, because all the technicians at this site were defined as ‘close contacts’. We are doing everything possible to avoid any further lockdown and we hope for your support to keep the animal facility operational and protecting our staff in the best possible way.

If you have any questions please contact Jann Hau, jhau@sund.ku.dk.