News from the Animal Care and Use Programme

Visit by the AAALAC accreditation panel
The AAALAC accreditation panel visit has taken place 14-16 November. The Animal Care and Use Programme is evaluated by AAALAC every third year.

Facility advisor for the Zebrafish Unit
The Facility Advisor is there to help new users, animal caretakers and veterinarians with the work in the Zebrafish Unit.

New governance for the Copenhagen Animal Care and Use Programme
The institutional partners and the Dean’s Office established a Programme Board and Advisory Panel to strengthen the professional governance of the Animal Care and Use Programme in 2018.


Remember to renew your project plans – introducing A-numbers
In accordance with regulations and in order to keep track of the active research projects, please go through your project plans and renew the ones relevant in 2019.

Weekly animal transports between Panum and satellite units during the holiday period
In week 52 and 1, the weekly transportation of animals will take place on Thursdays instead of Tuesdays.

Contact your facility manager
All housing units in the Animal Care and Use Programme have a facility manager and in a recent reorganisation, some of the animal housing units changed facility manager.

More procedure and animal rooms classified as GMO1+animal
As requested by many of our users, procedure rooms and animal housing for GMO1+animals are now available.

How to disinfect items when bringing them into the animal units
It is important to disinfect all items entering a clean animal unit. Preferably by using the standard procedure with Virkon S in the locks.

Other news

AEM’s courses in laboratory animal experimentation
The Department of Animal Experimental Medicine offers a wide range of courses in the field of laboratory animal experimentation – courses that are a legal requirement and courses for continuous professional development.

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