23 April 2020

Partial reopening of AEM

AEM is still operating at limited capacity.

The partial reopening, however, means that researchers – with a focus on PhD students and postdocs who need to do laboratory work to pursue or complete important research – are allowed into AEM’s facilities. Researchers, whose procedures have been assessed as critical by their Head of Department and therefore have been granted permission to perform critical procedures or finish critical experiments may still access AEM’s units.

In order to comply with the guidelines of the National Board of Health and Danske Universiteter, AEM has set up rules which must be followed.

First, only a limited number of researchers may enter a unit at a given time. Therefore, a maximum number of researchers allowed into the units has been defined. Second, to manage this a “sign in and out poster” is available upon entering the unit, where the researcher can register her-/himself.

Second, to ensure that researchers have an overview and access to booking procedure rooms , an online booking system has been implemented on AEM’s website:  https://emed.ku.dk/documents/book-a-procedure-room/

Third, please follow the access rules especially the requirement of wearing facemasks* at all time, only one person allowed in each room, disinfect all common contact points, keep distance to AEM staff etc.

Furthermore the below is reinstated
  • AEM again offers all types of services incl. technical assistance.
  • Internal transport of animals must be arranged and performed as before the lockdown. (The veterinarians no longer have to approve.)
  • Ordering of animals incl. orders via AEM’s import function. (The veterinarians no longer have to approve.)

 *The previous requirement of bringing your own new individually packed FFP2 or FFP3 mask is soon be changed as we hope to receive surgical facemasks for visiting researcher this week.