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Terms of business

At this page, you can read the terms of business for the Department of Experimental Medicine. Please click on each topic to read the related terms.

General terms and conditions

The Department does not compensate users who suffer any losses in connection with the use of the Department’s facilities and services.

The Department is in no case responsible for operating losses, loss of profits, lost earnings or other indirect losses.

Especially regarding pigs

The Department buys pigs from ordinary farms. The pigs can contain a number of pathogens that may cause clinical disease, for example diarrhoea, pneumonia or arthritis. Miniature pigs raised under barrier conditions are an alternative option. They have a higher health status than agricultural pigs upon arrival at AEM. However, miniature pigs can experience problems at AEM with infection from agricultural pigs. We therefore offer housing in a separate pig stable for miniature pigs. However, we cannot guarantee against infection.

AEM checks animals on arrival from the vendor and takes action if clinical problems are noted at this time. This may involve requesting a new pig. The researcher does not pay extra if the pig is exchanged. However, AEM does not compensate users for the occurrence of disease which was not present at the time of arrival.

Ordering of goods and services

Ordering of the Department’s goods and services must always be done in writing by using the Department’s requisition forms.


Invoices are sent to users monthly in arrears for housed animals. The invoices are calculated on a weekly basis and not always in whole months.

Ordered animals, goods and services are invoiced once a month. The time of invoice for these services depends on the receipt of the purchase invoice from the supplier. Account statements are not provided on a regular basis, but can be obtained from the Department’s administration.

Payment terms

Payment is required within 30 days of the date of the invoice. If the payment deadline is exceeded, 2 requests for payment will be issued. For each request, a fee of DKK 150 will be added.

If the outstanding amount is not paid after the 2 requests for payment, a written demand for immediate payment will be sent. In this connection, an administration fee of DKK 475 will be added. For internal customers, the outstanding amount will be presented to the user’s Head of Department. In addition, the possibility of ordering of animals/goods and services ceases without further notice. The outstanding amount from internal customers will be recovered via the Faculty. The outstanding amount from external customers will be recovered through debt collection. If the payment of the outstanding amount has yet to be paid after 10 days from the written demand for immediate payment/written letter on debt collection, a written notice on housed animals being put to sleep will be sent.

Ordering/delivery of animals

The Department makes an effort to deliver animals and services of the desired quality and timeliness. However, the Department is not responsible for missing or delayed deliveries.

The Department only breeds animals of special strains and is therefore dependent on external suppliers for common types of experimental animals. Our staff endeavours to have as clear and continuous communication with suppliers as possible, but the Department cannot guarantee, or be held responsible for, the accuracy, quality and stability of deliveries.

Upon delivery of live animals, all shipping fees (including health certificates and any handling fees) are invoiced to the person making the request. For the import and export of animals, an administrative fee is also charged – see current price list.

For the larger, commercial breeders (eg Charles River and Taconic), we refer to their business terms. Please note that certain animal species are delivered by small suppliers without standardized terms of business. Delivery of some animal species is also seasonal; these animals should therefore be ordered in good time.

Health conditions

The Department continuously conducts health checks in SPF units, the Bio Center, 16.4, Barfod, MGU and 10.3 according to the FELASA guidelines. The inspection is carried out by an external laboratory. To maintain animal health in the Department, there are also a number of restrictions on the activities and movements in the animal units and on the import of items to the individual units. The Department is not responsible for any breach of these requirements and is not liable for damages in case of infection – see general conditions.

Housed animals

Animal care is undertaken according to standard regulations and in accordance with applicable legislation. Animals are fed daily by animal caretakers. The Department’s veterinarians have the task of ensuring the health and well-being of the experimental animals and in this connection they provide advice to the researchers. The veterinarians are also obliged to ensure compliance with the current legislation on animal welfare and animal experimental conditions. The supervision will be conducted in accordance with the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences’ policy in this area, which also includes guidelines for the researcher’s duty to inform the Department about planned experimental activities.


The Department’s staff provides a range of services to assist with animal experiments. The Department does not provide financial compensation for any errors made in connection with these services.

Guidelines for communication

Punctual and clear communication between researchers and employees at AEM is necessary in order to provide the researchers with the best service and to ensure the welfare of experimental animals. Therefore, it is important that you, as a customer at AEM and as responsible for animals housed at the Department, respond to requests from AEM. As a customer, you are responsible for giving AEM your current contact information (e-mail address). AEM expects that any requests will be answered within 7 days. If you are prevented from this due to illness, holiday or otherwise, AEM must be informed of an alternative contact person.

As AEM provides breeding and experimental assistance for researchers, the Department considers it necessary, without further notice, to suspend service to a researcher who does not respond to enquiries from the Department within 7 days (meaning that breeding will be suspended, no experiment data will be collected, no samples will be taken, etc.). If the Department’s enquiries continue to be unanswered, a written notice of 7 days will be sent, with a copy to the Faculty. Thereafter, AEM will take additional steps to stop the activity in question without further notice.

Additional administrative assistance

In cases where AEM is required to provide additional administrative assistance for customers (e.g. accountancy assistance), an administrative fee is charged based on the time involved and the hourly rate of the employee. Similarly, other advisory and animal technical assistance is invoiced in cases where the assistance goes beyond the service included in the housing price. In such cases, a written estimate is always submitted to the customer indicating the current price before the assistance commences.


Any complaints about the quality of service provided by AEM should be addressed to the Department. A written response will be prepared within 30 days of receiving the complaint.