Both the Department's animal care and use programme and relevant courses are accredited.

It is crucial that the Department's services are of a high quality to guarantee standardised services and efficient operations. It is important to continuously improve the Department and develop the care and use programme including courses to meet the needs of researchers and students.


The Department's animal care and use programme is accredited by AAALAC (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care) International.

AEM complies with a comprehensive quality assurance system to ensure that work procedures and processes of the research facilities are performed according to internal rules, regulations, and legislation. It applies to all employees at the Department as well as researchers and clients working at the Department's facilities and benefitting from our services.


A number of courses at AEM are accredited by FELASA (Federation of Laboratory Animal Science Associations) ensuring that the courses meet high quality standards, which are recognised throughout the world.