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The Department of Experimental Medicine is organised in five sections: Section for Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Section for Projects, Equipment and Communication, Section for Economy and Administration, Section for Research and Teaching, and Core Facility for Transgenic Services.

The Head of Department is Professor Jann Hau and each section includes a Head of Section, who are all part of the Department's Management Team with the exception of the Head of the Transgenic Services.

Management of AEM

Head of Department
Professor Jann Hau 

Phone: 353-35566

Section for Economy and Administration

Anette Skovgaard Jensen

Phone: 353-27386

Section for Clinical Veterinary Medicine
Dr Grete Østergaard

Phone: 28 757376

Section for Projects, Equipment and Communication
Christian Kampmann

Phone: 353-35562 

Section for Strategic Development
Caroline Arentoft Jensen

Phone: 353-27815

Section for Research and Education
Dr Klas Abelson

Phone: 353-35575

Core Facility for Transgenic Services
Dr Javier Martin


Facility managers

Heidi Nordsted

Heidi Nordsted
+45 40 11 25 34

Facility manager at 10.3, 10.2, AKB, Rigshospitalet anf Flyvere incl. Mikkel.

Astrid Kappel Jensen

Astrid Kappel Nielsen(on maternity leave)
+45 93 56 54 53

Lars Rune Dreyer Jensen
+45 93 56 54 46

Facility manager at 10.4, 16.4, BIO, MGU and Zebrafish

Jens Flescher
+45 21 63 69 76

Facility manager at Frederiksberg, Washing unit, 01, Operation and 16.2.