The Department's research

Research at the Department

The Department of Experimental Medicine has its own internationally recognized research programme.

The primary research focus is the development and refinement of animal models and experimental procedures, in order to maximize animal welfare and to optimize the experimental outcome of animal experiments. The research is aligned with the principles of the 3R's: Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement.

The research is conducted in close collaboration with international collaborators and aims at increasing the awareness about the importance of the 3R's in the scientific community, and providing novel knowledge and understanding of practical relevance for the implementation of the 3R's in biomedical research.

Main research areas

The Department's main research areas are as follows:

  • Refinement of experimental procedures such as blood sampling techniques and experimental surgery
  • Optimization and refinement of animal models for neurological disorders and pain
  • Optimization and refinement of animal models in studies of infectious diseases
  • Development of methods for the objective assessment of pain, stress and other animal welfare considerations
  • Development and optimization of novel methods for pain alleviation
  • Development of effective and non-invasive immunization methods