Veterinary advice

At the Department of Experimental Medicine, researchers can get veterinary advice and guidance for their experiments.

The most important tasks of AEM's veterinarians are to ensure good animal health and welfare and to ensure compliance with national and international legislation, guidelines and standards.

Our veterinarians offer:

  • Veterinary support for sick animals
  • Assistance with project initiation
  • Advice regarding experimental procedures
  • Diagnostic pathology
  • Surgical support in pig experiment

The veterinarians work as a group with shared responsibilities, but they also have individual special areas of expertise.

Please contact, if you have any questions or find the contact details for a veterinarian with a specific area of expertise below:

Veterinarian Special area of expertise
Grete Østergaard (Chief of veterinary services)
Phone: +45 28 75 73 76 
Toxicology, rodents,
breeding of rodents
Maria Haugaard
Phone: +45 30 50 71 12
Rodents and large animals,
health monitoring
Mette Perch Groth
Phone: +45 93 56 54 15
project plan approval
Stefania Embla Amórsdottir
Phone: +45 20 56 53 07
Fish and frogs,
pig surgery,
veterinary drugs and prescriptions
Karsten Pharao Hammelev
Phone: +45 35 33 55 78
Pig surgery