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Animal units

The Department of Experimental Medicine offers housing and breeding of animals in state-of-the-art facilities at the Department's animal units.

About our units

All animals at AEM are housed in controlled environments according to legislation and guidelines.

Animal experiments can be performed in various units and labs at the Department. For experiments with animals infected with genetically modified microorganisms (GMO) classification 1 and 2 or animals infected with human pathogenic microorganisms (BSL) classification 1 and 2, we offer fully equipped biosafety laboratories.

Quarantine rules

AEM is sectioned into a number og separate, isolated units in order to prevent spread of infectious agents between animals while simultaneously allowing the users to enter the experimental units.

Rodents can only enter the SPF breeding units and other experimental units after embryo transfer.

Animals of unknown health status can, however, enter directly to quarantine unit 16-2.

In the overview to the right, the colors indicate the health status at the individual units.

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Overview of animal units:

Specialised labs overview

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