Forms and regulationsBelow you will find an overview of the Department's forms and requisitions including when to use them.

Form Comments
Book a procedure room When booking a procedure room, please use AEM's booking system which uses Google Calendar.
Animal requisition Download and fill our the requesition for ordering animals and send it to the requested animal unit
Import form Fill out the import form to initiate an import of animals, embryos or sperm. Read more about import
Export form Fill out the form if you would like to export animals from AEM to an external recipient. Read more about export
Medicine requisition Download and fill out the medicine requisition for ordering of anesthesia and prescriptions for medicine. Read more about ordering of medicine
Create user account at AEM Fill out the form to create a user account at the Department. You will need your account number when ordering services or animals.
Access to the Department's units

Your name and contact details must be mentioned in a breeding or project plan. Please check that your name is in the plan before you apply.

Fill out the form to gain access for the Department's units.

    A project plan must be filled in if you will be doing experiments with mice and rats or other animals.

    Experiments involving surgery

    The policy for survival surgery will be officially implemented on 1 July 2024.

    1. Please read the Policy for survival surgery
    2. Please consult the flowchart
    3. Please fill out a self-evaluation form (Word) for each person performing survival surgery and send these evaluation forms along with the project plan for approval
    Project plan for breeding and rederivation of animals This project plan must be filled in before new breeding of animals can start.
    Transfer animals

    Fill out the document and send it to the unit, you wish to transfer animals from.

    Free transfer: Thursday before 12 noon for delivery the following week on Tuesdays.

    Transfers can be arranged at extra costs. Every day before 12 noon for delivery the following weekday.